Exhibiton of Fire Appliances, Krakow, Poland, May 2014

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Left & above: Portable
two-man hand-pump
and four-man,
horse-drawn pump.

Two more horse-drawn
(Pics 3, 4 &5)

...built in Vienna...

Straz : Fire Brigade

Above & right: From the
Brzezowka Fire Brigade.
A 'Zuk' model made by
FSC of Lublin.

'State Fire Brigade'

The exhibition was staged in Krakow, partly in the Galeria (Indoor shopping mall, very similar to the Metro Centre, Gateshead) and partly in the large square in front of the main railway station. The indoor exhibits ranged from Dinky-type models to smaller hand-operated appliances and equipment such as protective clothing, breathing apparatus, etc.

Outside, on a slightly mizzly day, were the large appliances. Detailed descriptions were available only in Polish, so the photos are just for visual appreciation. I have attempted to put them in age order, but there are no guarantees!