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We've always had rot boxes, only four completely new cars in 44 years. Some were interesting, some a bit boring, but functional. Occasionally, when able to afford it, we went in for something slightly different.
Some pics are not good quality, having been blown up from old photographs and slides and some have ghosts on them where I have removed people and number plates in a vague gesture to anonymity.

  • Austin A35 - our very first! (1963)
  • Austin A55 - leather seated luxury (comparatively).
  • Austin Gypsy 4x4 - very slow. After using 4WD and driving onto hard ground, the transmission got wound up so you couldn't get it out of gear. Had to get the jack out and lift a wheel to release it!
  • Ford Cortina
  • Morris Minor - never really on the road. Failed MOT and needed too much work.
  • LandRover LWB Hardtop - first one. Ex-Electricity Board with ladder-rack and front-end winch.Fitted fixed rear windows.
  • Triumph 2000 Estate - auto. Good for towing.
  • Vauxhall VX 1800 Estate
  • LandRover LWB Hardtop with windows all round. In the picture, that's the way winters used to be (until recently)!
  • Reliant Scimitar GTE (SE5a) - first. Brilliant car, but not good for family camping in very bad weather!
  • LandRover LWB Hardtop
  • Austin Mini
  • Austin Princess - really comfortable. In the picture, 1.77/gall. equates to 38.9p/litre!
  • Ford Escort
  • Reliant Scimitar GTE (SE5a)
  • Reliant Rialto
  • Datsun Sunny
  • Lada Samara 1500 - first new car. Bought because it was the second cheapest available
    at the time! (The cheapest was too small)
  • Rover 827 Si - hairy luxury.
  • Rover 820 Si - rip-off ex-taxi. In the picture, hiding behind the Nissan; probably shame.
  • Nissan Sunny Premium
  • Ford Ka - second new one.
  • Ford Mondeo Zetec TDCi - third new one.
  • Reliant Scimitar SS1 - dotage present to self. Gorgeous!
  • Ford Focus Zetec 1600 - fourth new one.


  • Curved Dash Oldsmobile
  • Family's & Friends' Cars
  • GKS's Austin 7
  • BR's Bond Bug     

  • Some old photos, recently unearthed, from two shows.
  • Reliant Scimitar Restorations

  • Nostalgia: 1914 Adverts and 1953 Kelly's Directory
  • PowerPoint Presentation: Some early Classic Cars
  • PowerPoint Presentation: Some Pre-War cars
  • Flying Scotsman Reliability Trial March 2010
    including recently added video clip.
  • A selection of Mascots and Badges. Can you identify the more obscure ones?
  • Some Cars seen on Holiday in France September, 2010
  • Half-a-Dozen Photos (NECPWA) 2008
  • Autocar magazine article May 1945
  • PowerPoint Presentation: American Vehicles of the 1920s [Includes cars, commercials a "campervan" and some Bathing Beauties!] This is 6.3MB, so could be a three-minute download - you have been warned!
  • Left-Overs from 2012 - '17...

  • Some old cars, bikes and other interesting vehicles...
  • My Perennial Whinge About VED - Updated 31.08.13.
  • New exhaust for Favourite Car
  • Some Cars seen in Poland, May 2014
  • Polish Fire Engines
  • Silloth Show, June 2014 - Cars
  • Silloth Show, June 2014 - Agricultural, Bikes, etc.
  • NECPWA at Newby Hall, July 2014
  • Otterburn Show July 2013
  • Some cars in Krakow, Sept. 2014
  • Rad Sunday in Essex, Sept. 2016
  • NECPWA at Heighley Gate August 2017
  • Low Light & Witton Castle May 2019, May 2018
  • NECPWA at Beamish Museum, September 2018


  • NECPWA at Kirkley Hall, May 2019
  • Blagdon Hall, June 2019
  • Kirkcudbright August 2019
  • Stamfordham, August 2019
  • NECPWA at Belsay Hall, September 2019
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